about petz

Petz is basically abandonware at this point, so if you'd like to try it out for yourself, Yabiko has a simple + effective way to get Petz 4! Just follow the instructions. You'll probably need to tweak your compatibility settings, FYI.

Petz is a virtual life simulator created by PF Magic (which, of course, stands for Pure F***ing Magic) in 1995. The first game in the series was "Dogz: Your Virtual Petz", now known in the community as "Dogz 1". Five dogz were available in this version. You had a limited amount of toyz and could only have one pet at a time. This was soon followed by a Catz version. The games evolved over time, introducing features such as multi-pet gameplay (Petz II), breeding and playscenes (Petz 3), more playscenes (Petz 4) and litters (Petz 5). For the record, any "Petz" title made after P5 is not considered part of this series. The brand was sold, and Ubisoft... you know, took away everything that made the game special. (My opinion.)

Throughout the series, the premise of the game is pretty straightforward - you adopt a cat or dog from a list of breeds and raise them to adulthood, feeding and playing with them like you would any pet. As a standalone game, it could probably get boring pretty fast. The magic was in the player community.

The online Petz Community brought new gameplay features, including shows (contests where you pose your Petz and they're judged against others), adoptions, and selective breeding - to name a few. This silly game helped a lot of children and teens - mostly female!! - get into coding, through website design and modding the game with new breeds and items.

It was a really groovy time to be online, to watch the community grow up: We started with simple, bright Comic Sans-laden homepages created by kids, then the community morphed into edgy black + white sites by angry/confused teenagers. (I may be talking about myself here). Petz was a huge part of my childhood and contributed to my love of internet community & web design.

Although the community is not as large as it was in it's hey-day, there is still an active community of players. This 20+ year old game is still alive!!

about beatnik

Beatnik was created some time in the Summer of 2017. As the story goes, I was trying to build a website for my art, but was getting really aggravated with the new school of web design. It seemed so sterile. Serendipitously, I discovered a web community called NeoCities. NeoCities follows the legacy of GeoCities, allowing folks to create personal homepages for free. I was so excited to see this resurgence, so I created my first personal site in over a decade - poor laika (now hosted @ tiny-universes.net). Naturally, this brought up strong memories of my Petz days... so I checked in with the community and created a new site.

I briefly engaged with the community in 2014, and had a small site named Patchouli. My life turned upside down and I let Patchouli/my domain fade into oblivion.

My first Petz site was called "TwiLight Petz 3". The year was 1999, the host was Angelfire, and I didn't even have Petz 3... I had Catz II. It was a one-page site made in the Angelfire page wizard. The background was a playpen background, and it was protected by ALL of the guardian mice. I was a little shit kid, and would try to post "hexed litters" that were really paint-canned AC petz. Thankfully, the community was huge back then and nobody visited my site! As I became a teen, I moved around a lot (yay for foster care) so I lost all of my Petz, but I kept checking back in the community. I was shy and scared, so I was a lurker.. the kid who knows all the popular kids, but is invisible. I wish I was able to push past that, but I am grateful for my two petzy besties, Rachel and Jess - wherever you two are!

about me

My birth name is Lindsey, but call me Lu! I'm 28, and will never stop loving this game. I live in California with my partner and our feline friend, Magick. I like punk rock, trees, and candy.

If you want to learn about me, you're welcome to check out my personal site! [It hasn't been updated in a while b'cuz Life]