Assume everyone is p4/inbred/mixed unless otherwise stated. Please keep "Beatnik's" when showing. If you don't want the pet anymore, either MPA ~or~ return to me. I'd prefer you not to delete them, and absolutely do NOT sell on PUGS or WW.

..but that's pretty standard, right?

Litters are first-come-first-serve. To adopt these, just post in the cbox (make sure to include your email.) All I'll need to know is the petz you want. No limit, just don't be a greedy grump.

For singles and MPAs, I'd like to hear a bit about why you want the pet and what you plan on doing with them! I'm not above bribes, either ;) Shoot your apps for singles/MPAs to petz @

If you feel inclined, I would LOVE a picture or update of some sort after your new pet gets settled in!