All downloads are for P4 only, because that's what I have. Sorry, P5 friends! Please don't redistribute without credit.


No more music box madness for your crew! These toyz are LPs when on the ground, but they can be mounted as a poster!

pink floyd poster | download


A simple hex. This long-haired RB can be used as a hexing or breeding base. Overwrites Russian

russian longhair | download


When you boot up Petz 4, does your loading bar contain a bunch of unintelligible garbage? You're not alone! For some reason, the patched versions of P4 seem to have corrupted *splash.txt files.

If you'd prefer flavor text over "ìEëÈã­Èw-éÐ, you can download a copy of petzsplash.txt. Simply place it in your Resource folder, overwriting the old one. You'll be on your way to anecdote town in no time!

petzsplash.txt | download