this page has literally nothing to do with petz. it's simply a place for me to share whatever the heck kind of music i want.

still ugly - baddest beams, single [2014] [indie rock]

"your girlfriend told me yesterday she wanted a baby, i told her she was insane. she told me that she had a cat when she was in third grade. i said it isn't the same"

hey, this song is amazing... especially considering it was made 100% independently, in a bedroom or something. it's witty, sweet, and catchy as all hell.

dimed out - titus andronicus, from the most lamentable tragedy [2015] [punk 4 SmArT PpL]

AJ got me into this band. I got to meet Patrick Stickles, the frontman, and he's a kind and humble human, which is enough of a reason to listen to +@. the music video for dimed out is probz one of the best, also this song makes a decent subsitute for coffee in the morning.

43 - the monolith, from here comes the monolith [2004] [indie pop/rock]

I found a copy of this album in a record store bargain bin, and.. damn, it's way more obscure than it deserves. this is some quality pop music. the album takes a pretty dark turn by the last track ~ check it out on bandcamp.