I'm pretty sure all us oldtimers remember Rainflower trading cards. I know they're still around, but they aren't as popular as they once were and not many folks still make them. I don't know about you, but I still love the idea of having something OTHER than Petz to collect.

Hence... petzy stamps! They're cute, they're customization, they're smol, they're fun! You can make them in different shapes and sizes. You obviously don't have to add a currency symbol since these aren't ~real~ stamps, but I thought if they were used it would be a fun representation of our international community.

I was thinking, like the trading cards, we can have some that are common, to get a collection started, and some that are more limited, or even one-off.

It would be really cool if these caught on because I want to see what different designs the community can come up with.. and because, hey, I wanna collect these!

how they can be used:

make your own!

You can use this template if you'd like to make your own stamp - or make your own! Credit isn't necessary, but you can always tell folks where to get it so they can make their own!

my collection

Some of these are exclusive, and others are easily attained. The images are linked to the creators!
Please don't take them from this page, it goes against the spirit of stamps and it ruins your fun!