Welcome to beatnik, a fansite for Petz, an *amazing* (and sadly, obscure) 90's pet simulation game originally created by PF Magic in the 1990s. Chances are, if you're here, you're already very familiar with it ~ if not, feel free to check out the 'about' page!

My name is Lu, and like many petz-folk, I'm in and out of the community. I've been "in" a little more recently, because I remembered how much I enjoy this game! It can be a great creative outlet. Having a website is a big part of this, for me. Aaaand.. that's why you're here!

I have a few different sections on this site. I have the main two, adoptions and crew pages. But my archive is a bit different - in addition to hexed creations, I also have adoption records and results from shows I've hosted. It's basically grandma Lu's attic.

My favorite page is the "fun" page, though. It's home to the original stamp guide! There are other treats to be found, too! Please, take your time and look around. When you're ready to move on, I have a few suggestions on my links page!

xoxo, lu

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